Sunday, October 7, 2012

Challenge Completed . . . . Almost :)

So here is the wrap up for the fourth and final week of TOH 20 Day Challenge.

DAY 16 - Clean the wardrobe, declutter your clothes, organise the wardrobe. I thought the walk-in robe was reasonably well organised (well, my side anyway). But as I have discovered, more than once, over the course of this challenge, there is always room for improvement :) Here is the photographic evidence.
Walk In Robe {Before}
Walk In Robe {During}
 Everything out (from my side) and clean the walls. Makes a really big difference.

 Walk In Robe {After}
 The best news of all is that I have made room for some new shoes!
Even Hubby's side got the TOH treatment :)

And the cat gave it her seal of approval.

DAY 17 - Clean light switches and door handles, declutter the medicine cabinet/container, Organise medicines. This was a lovely quick one! I gave the kids a wipe each, and it soon turned into a competition to see who could clean the most light switches and door handles. And the medicine box was pretty well under control already. So not much to share :(

DAY 18 - Clean your handbag, declutter the inside of your handbag, organise Date night
Hand Bag {Before}
 Hand Bag {After}
My handbag is leather, so I used one of these to clean the outside and just decluttered the inside. They can be purchased from Woolies.

DAY 19 - Clean kids' bedrooms, declutter kids bedrooms, organise kids bedrooms.
This was a big one! It actually took me a few days. Again, let the pictures do the talking.

 Number 1 Son' Bedroom {Before}
Number 1 Son's Bedroom {After}

DAY 20! - Room of Choice, Declutter Freezer and Organise a baking day.
This is still a work in progress. In fact I have a couple of areas to do for the free choice room.

The Front sitting room which was like the command centre during the 20 day Challenge, and so there is a "Keep" bucket to organise, vacuum, clean windows etc. But I am getting there. And then there is the hallway to the kids rooms. Just needs a really good wash of the walls and to put up some pictures. So I will share my progress as I get there.

But right now I am really excited to be getting on to sharing some other things on this blog. Stay tuned for time saving tips, meal plans, saving time and money in the kitchen and lots of recipes!


Rochelle said...

Love your walkin closet! How funny you cat is..almost blended in with the shirts! I didn't find the challenge till just this weekend, but I think I may do it on my own still.

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