Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bathroom Bliss?

DAY 6 of TOH 20 Days to Clean and Organise Your Home Challenge -Clean the Bathrooms, declutter the vanity bench, organise the shower caddy.

I read a statistic once that had most people ranking cleaning the bathroom higher than visiting the dentist on the unpleasantness scale. I concurr, I think I would rather sit in the dentist's chair than clean my bathroom (and I have two of them!)

Anyway, I just got down to business after work yesterday and started with the ensuite. One of the great ironies of my life is that I work for a cleaning company, and yet not so disciplined at the cleaning of my own home. Admittedly I am in the office of the cleaning company, but still . . . .
 So, I started with the shower anyway. I used a product from work called External Surface Revival. It kills and inhibits mould without making the place smell like an indoor swimming pool (it's not bleach based you see).

Basins next. I thought that these stains around the plugholes were permanent, but it turns out that with Gumption Cleaning Paste, a grout brush and a bit of elbow grease, they actually come off! Who knew?


Then it was on to the vanities. A quick declutter of the cupboards and a wipe down. I keep a packet of glass cleaning wipes in the vanity cupboard, so I used these to wipe down the mirrors.

AAAAggghhhh! The shower! There was nothing for it but to scrub the with a grout brush, line by line.

I also wiped over the skirting tiles with Viva Shower Fast Wipes and washed the floor.
 I'm not going to say that this was easy, because it was pretty hard work even for such a small space. Why is it that the bathroom, a place for cleaning bodies, gets so dirty!?

Hmmmm, thie kids bathroom. *shudder* I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

 Much the same treatment here as the ensuite. Spray the shower, wipe out the bath etc. I just took everything off and out of the vanity washed it and then decided what was going back in and on.
 We could probably do with a couple of little baskets in here to keep everything neat, but to be honest the kids hardly ever open the cupboard, so it is me that needs to keep them .

 So there we have it. Clean, decluttered and organised bathrooms.

{Confession} Since I started working five days a week at the beginning of this year, I have had a cleaner coming in once per fortnight to do the floors, bathrooms and dusting. She was on holidays when this challenge started and due to come tomorrow. I actually felt confident enough to give her the day off as for the first time in ages I feel like I am (mostly) on top of the housework.


Cam and Kirsten said...

Great blog Pippa. I am loving reading all about your success!

Nancy Esmade said...

Thank you so much, This has got to be the most information, help and tips through the whole of the internet. Its been truly appreciated.!!

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Caitlyn Healey said...

Great work! I'm lovign reading your successes and your home is beautiful!

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