Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time 2 Lounge

DAY 4 of TOH 20 Days challenge - The Lounge. We have two main family lounge areas so for me today was a double header. One room we call the TV room which is where the majority of the TV and movie action happens. The other we refer to as the Family Room where the Wii lives. 

On the surface, neither of these rooms appear to have much wrong with them (apart from needing a good vacuum). But in the TV Room, the black leather sofa has a habit of eating things! Remotes, hair ties, earrings etc. So hubby and I tipped the sofa upside down to see what treasures we could unearth and EEeeek! Disgusting. Sorry no photos. A girl has gotta have some boundries, but needless to say it was grossness personified. I mean I had to use a dustpan and brush to collect up the big debris before I could vacuum. Yikes! 
TV Room Before
 Happy news though, we found the Apple TV remote which has been missing since July! Note to Apple: I love you, but could you please make remotes that are not quite so tiny!
So this room got a cob-webbing, vac, dust, and a quick de-clutter of the entertainment unit. I also gave the sofa a wipe with these handy Oakwood Leather Wipes that I picked up from Woolies.

They smell like baby powder! I keep the packet in the console between the seats. Great for any little cleanups required on movie night :)

Note the dining chair covers in a pile ON the chair. How dumb is that?! We keep the spare dining chairs in here and bring them out when we have guests.

Family Room Before
 Much the same treatment here as in the TV Room. Mostly hidden housework with the vacuuming of the couch and de-clutter of the unit.

TV Room After

 Family Room After

The house is starting to look quite lovey (and managing to stay that way - more or less).


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