Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Laundry Room . . . and a Little Magic (Eraser)

DAY 3 of TOH 20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home challenge, the day to tackle the laundry.
Yep, it's gross!! I didn't realise how gross, and how depressed I was feeling going in there.
Note the paint can ad supplies still sitting waiting to be put in it's proper place since I painted the kids bedrooms back in APRIL!
So I started by removing everything from the room. And then on to dusting, as I knew it would make a mess with all the lint that flies around in there from the dryer.
And this was disgusting! I had never really had a good look at my dryer before - eeeewww!! Check out the grossness around the door. How embarrassing!
Luckily I discovered that (underneath the YEARS of built up lint) there are little screws that undo to take the clear plastic window off, making cleaning very easy. Makes me wonder why I have NEVER done it before???
Not sure if these picks are very good, but I have pretty much ignored all those scuff marks on the walls made by the ironing board being shoved in and out. So I grabbed a couple of these Chux Magic Erasers and it really was like magic! I mean, the walls look like they have had a fresh coat of paint. I did spray all purpose cleaner on the wall and not just water. Unreal, so happy with the result.

I can now also fit the airing rack back in the laundry where is belongs. Another set of racks flip out at the back as well for bugger loads, but this was perfect for the small load of sports uniforms I had to do last night. (The kids currently have two sports lessons a week, and number one son's are back to back!) The whole thing then folds flat and can be slid in next to the washing machine.

I swapped the hamper from the master bedroom which was in the walk-in robe. The laundry doesn't have a door, and any guests who need to use the bathroom walk right past. I thought this seagrass hamper was slightly more aesthetically pleasing than the old, grey plastic one with no lid. 

I think the laundry room could now do with some beautifying. It is so utilitarian looking. I will be on the look out for some pretty thing (and possibly upgrading the cupboard) to make it a bit more cheery and welcoming. But it is clean (cleaner than it has been in the last seven years!). 

Now the ironing pile. Did you see that hideous purple excuse for a hamper in the top picture? Not very practical or attractive so it has been added to the "donate" pile. I loved TOH's post about hiding the ironing pile, and it got me to thinking . . . . where could I hide mine?
Can you see the ironing in this picture? No?
Tah Dah!!!! I had been using this space to store the Christmas tree (which now needs a new home, but that is a job for another day). I like this use much more.
These little collapsible leather look hampers are from The Reject Shop and cost $20 each. I have one for uniforms and work clothes, one for miscellaneous items and one for spare hangers. The pile doesn't look so scary now.

Will you think I am wierd I admit to looking forward to ironing night now? No, you're right that is weird :)


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