Thursday, September 13, 2012

OK, I Lied . . .

When I started the 20 Day Challenge and set up the Goals, I tritely wrote in the "Something I don't need but cannot part with" section "Nothing, I don't have any trouble getting rid of things I don't need".

Ummmmm, so that turns out to be not true! I will do a quick re-cap of DAY 7 in a minnie and skip on to DAY 8 - The spare room! (Dah dah dah daaaaahhhm).

Litterally the Junk Room. Here we are before *blush*

I found the best approach here was to completely remove everything from the room, clean it from top to bottom and then be very selective about what I chose to put back in there. Walls, windows (inside and out), cobwebs and vacuum. My apologies to our friends and family members that have stayed in that room. Very embarrassing how easily some of those marks were to remove that I had told myself were "just too stubborn"

I sorted everything into categories and then looked for possible places and containers to store them in. I have a pretty big list of storage boxes to purchase, but at least I have a plan rather than just my usual ad-hoc approach.

And the result?

Yes, it is the same room! Still a few finishing touches required, but no doubt a MAJOR improvement.

And what was I unable to part with? Quite a few recipes and my scrapbooking supplies. I have not scrapped for well over a year (maybe even two???) but I am quite attached to the stuff, who knew? It is neatly stored away though to be brought out for school holiday activities and the like :)

Now back to DAY 7 - Clean the Fridge, declutter cookbooks and organise a meal plan.

Having decluttered the fridge back on DAY 5 I didn't think that this would such a big deal. However, there were some mystery spills that made some of the shelves stick! A bit of a struggle to remove them lol.

 So all the shelves have now been washed, as has the inside of the fridge.

Recipe books tidied, but not decluttered due to the numbers I found in the spare room. I am making a "to-do" list of tasks from the challenge to come back to, and this is one of them. I have some great recipe organising methods, but that may be the subject of a future post . . . . 

 Meal plan was done on the weekend before shopping, so I just squeaked in with this one :)

And now I have hit the wall . . . . need to find  a way to push through


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