Saturday, September 8, 2012

That's a Wrap!

DAY 5 of TOH 20 Day Challenge- The floors, declutter the fridge and organise the Pantry.

I had previously given the pantry the TOH treatment having been inspired by this post that had been shared on Facebook. In fact this is what kicked the whole thing off. So that was one to cross off *smiling smugly* :)

I have added a couple of baskets to bottom of the pantry since this post to tidy up the space a little more. NOTE: I did put some floor saver pads on the bottom of the baskets, just to protect the floor boards and make it easier to slide them in and out. The baskets are from The Reject Shop and cost $20 each.

Now, the kids and I get home at the same time in the afternoon so there really isn't an opportunity to wash the floors until they go to bed.

So I caught up on DAY 4 and cleaned the windows in the main living area, then moved on to the fridge.

Slightly embarrassing! After I ditched all of the out of date jars and odd bits of food, there really wasn't much left! Time for a grocery shop *blush*

So let's talk floor cleaning methods.What do you do?

We have Boral Silkwood floating timber floors and I have tried A LOT of different floor cleaners and methods over the last seven years. From self shining polish to Enjo and the Shannon Lush timber floor treatment.

I use a Vileda UltraMax Mop. This is perfect for timber as the matching bucket has a built in wringer that removes a lot of the excess water from the mop. Using too much water on timer (I'm told) can cause the timber to absorb the water and become warped over time.

For the cleaning solution I use 15ml Nutrimetics OLC concentrate in 5 litres of water. Sometimes I add a squirt of Method wood floor squirt and mop for the fragrance.

So this is how I do my "BIG" floor clean, and I use my Enjo mop for spot cleaning, the kitchen and under the dining table.

If you are impatient (and a cheapskate!) like me, you may be interested to know that the Sabco Superswish Xtra refills fit the Enjo mop and only cost around $11 from Woolies. Bargain! They even have a little flip out non-scratch scourer to make sort work of those crusty bits! I generally use a little dish brush for that, but the scourer is so much kinder to my back. Love it.

For the tiled floors in the bathroom and laundry this time I used 125ml Sugar Soap in 5 litres of water. This worked really well especially on the light coloured grout.

I can't believe what a difference a vacuum and mop has made to the overall look of the house, especially with the kitchen, master bedroom, laundry and lounges already sparkling. Can't wait for week 2!


Di from Life is Di-licious said...

Great work Pippa! Love the advice about the floors. We have slate and they're a nightmare to clean! I keep looking at the Vileda Ultramax mop when I go shopping but with 3 mops already languishing in the cupboard, I don't know if I can justify getting another one!
Looking forward to following your progress with the challenge!

Pippa said...

Thanks Di. I'm looking forward to starting DAY 6. Bathrooms *shudder*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about the sabco fitting the enjo mop! Just bought one as my enjo is getting thread bare. It did very well on the floor as its never really that dirty, and I could not bear the thought at the moment of parting with $99 for a new fibre!!! Thanks Pip!

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