Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting Organised . . . . It's a Challenge

In February this year, I made the leap from 4 days paid work per week to 5. In my professional life as an Office Administrator, I am all about systems and order and have even been told that my office is among the most ogranised going around. BUT when it comes to home . . . well I don't mind admitting that I need a little help!

I recently discovered a fabulous blog called The Organised Housewife. I happened to land on a post about organising your pantry. I got all inspired and gave my pantry a bit of an overhaul.
Sorry, no before photos. But here is the end result.
I discovered I had quite a few more Tupperware Modular Mates than i thought, which made short work of all those half used packets of fruit, rice, cous-cous etc.

Then trawling through my new favourite blog (as you do) I discovered Kat's post on de-cluttering the fridge, and so I just had to play along!

Like many homes these days, our fridge can be seen from all of our entertaining areas, so I was very keen to remove all of the invitations, school notes and shopping lists, to reveal the clean, streamlined fridge beneath. I made up the corkboard using the instructions on Kat's blog, and mounted on the pantry door. Now it holds the calendar, shopping list, and meal plan for the week. Loving it!!!
So obviously I have been bitten by the declutter-bug and it just so happens that The Organised Housewife is embarking on a 20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home challenge beginning today. I have jumped in feet first and completed the Pre-Challenge Tasks and (wierdly!) am looking forward to it - I know sick, right!?

But the truth is I need this. I need to take control of my life and home and put it in order . . . one step at a time :) If you would like to join in, it's not too late. Here are the links to the pre-Challenge tasks: (Please note all of the titles are linked back to TOH blog pages that relate to the task)

Put together a Binder


Create A Cleaning Kit

Create a Morning Routine


Create an Evening Routine

Set Goals/Organising Tubs

These are my goals and checklists, but there are freebie blank downloadables for every challenge. So cool!

So, being a terribly time-poor working mother, I started typing this post about 14 hours ago, and as such have now completed DAY 1! Truthfully, having been bitten by the decluterbug, I had actually reorganised the cupboard under the sink a couple of days ago, so a has a little head start. But I am very proud to share these pics of my sparkling kitchen :)

It will be lovely to wake up to in the morning. Looking forward to DAY 2


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