Friday, August 31, 2012

Well . . . . here goes nothing

OK. So here I am . . . blogging again. And I am asking myself why????

I think I must be nuts! Anyway, here I plan to share some cooking adventures and chat to other home cooks out there in cyberspace that, like me, are totally obsessed with the next meal or baking session.

 Being a busy working mum, it does take some balancing and organisation to have enough time to indulge my passion. So I'm thinking this blog might be a place for other mums, busy folk, to share their experience in how to fit it all in. Life, work, kids, hobbies etc

And the name of the blog? Sometimes I do just crave that luxury of an interrupted thought. You know, that ability to actually form an idea from beginning to end, without "Mum? Mum . . . MUM!" breaking into the reverie.

Well, we'll see . . . .


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