Tuesday, September 4, 2012


DAY 2 of the 20 Days to Organise & Clean Your Home challenge with The Organised Housewife.

Today's task was to clean and declutter the Master Bedroom. I have to say that TOH has this challenge so well organised that even time-poor woking mums like me can play along without it being at all stressful.

I stripped the bed this morning instead of making it and set up the clutter buckets. Then on with the rest of the morning routine.

{8:30AM to  3:00PM}

This afternoon while the kids were having a snack and a play, I got stuck into it! So here are the before photos:
The Bed (unmade for dramatic effect!)
 The Chest of Drawers (and basket of unsorted clutter)
 My Bedside
 Hubby's Bedside

  • So I de-cluttered
  • vacuumed
  • washed the inside of the window (which needed a mould treatment eeeek!)
  • spot wiped the blinds
  • cobwebbed
  • dusted/damp-wiped the surfaces and door frames
  • dusted the lamps and decorator items
  • spot-washed the walls
  • Made up the bed with clean sheets.
I wasn't able to hang anything on the line for "de-dustmiting" as the weather was slightly shocking today (jus a bit of hail and the like!) so i misted the mattress and cushions with some Glen 20 Disinfectant Fabric Spray which I happened to have already. 

Whilst I am sure this product doesn't claim to kill dustmites, it certainly does smell lovely and fresh which, given the weather is what had to substitute for fresh air and sunshine today.

Did I mention that Tuesday is choir rehearsal evening? So the family needed to be fed and me out the door by 6:30PM.

Here is the result:
The Master Bedroom
 Reverse Angle ;)
 My Bedside
Yes, rather empty! I am going to get a cute little notebook, and it is usually where I keep my prescriptions. But apparently that is all I need in here. Who knew!?

 Hubby's Bedside

And guess what? I had this done by 5:00PM. Now let me be clear, I am not gloating or professing to be a superwoman. I know that today's success was only due to the fact that I was organised from the night before. No dishes to deal with as soon as I walked in the door. Meal planned and ingredients already in the pantry/fridge (apart from hubby's very kind last minute dash for a top up on Aborio Rice lol). Kids on task and most importantly . . . . rewarding myself with a little FB/computer time time after the task was complete.  

{Confession} I have not sorted the "Keep" bucket yet! *Blush* Tomorrow, I will do it tomorrow :)


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