Monday, April 29, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

It's been quite a social week this week. We have been out with friends and family, been visiting friends with "cheer-you-up" cupcakes for afternoon tea and camping on the family farm. It has been fabulous!


Dinner out with Nana & Grandad



Bring & share with friends



Dinner with friends


I say camping, but we have a cottage with hot running water, a fridge, comfortable beds. We like to build a fire and cook on it. This time I went a step up from toasting marshmallows, but not as far as purchasing any special cooking kit . . . yet! We cooked all the food totally in foil. The menu included:
  • Damper on Sticks
  • Stuffed Baked Potatoes
  • Banana Canoes
  • Toasted Marshmallows
No recipes or photos today, as I haven't quite got the timings right yet. Need to have another practice :)


 Curried Sausages, creamy mash and steamed vegetables


It was the first week of School Holidays here in WA, so baking is just for fun (and for whole family eating!) Firstly it seemed appropriate to make ANZAC biscuits on Thursday for ANZAC Day (which is also a National holiday, so a great time to get into the kitchen).

Australian Good Taste Magazine are running their first "Cutest Cupcake Competition" so I am getting into the spirit and baking up a storm whenever I have a few moments. Here are my first offerings.
Cupcakes - White Choc Mud with White Chocolate Buttercream

Cupcakes - Choc Mud with Mocha Buttercream

Banoffee Cupcakes with Vanilla Rum Buttercream


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